I realize why people come here for the weekend. Paradise. 


Better late than never

At long last!

What an amazing experience. All lot of tears went into getting ready for this day, but all in all everything worked out and I cannot wait until next year!

Pre-Oscar treats at Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo

Our last meal, Eggs McKrissy
Drinks before we get ready (of course)
and we are off...
Headed to pick up Brian and Chanel
Documenting our parking permit

At the top of the staircase after the red carpet

We made the broadcast!



Dress is back. Excitement lasted about 30 minutes and then, I noticed 2 more bare spots. Gah. I'm so fearful that I'll end the night with not a bead left on that sucker. Ugh. Ugh. Deflated does not even scratch the surface of how I feel right now. Hopefully I can get to David's Bridal tomorrow and find something. Fahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Shoes, shoes, shoes

This is the face of someone wearing pajama pants, black socks, and high heels. I can feel the blisters now. 3 days to break these shoes (or my feet) in. 


Binge dress buying fail

3 strikes you're out. 

Oh well. Calling my seamstress tomorrow. Hopefully my dress is fixed and ready. 

Fingers crossed. 


Hair + Other essentials

I woke up in San Francisco and now I'm getting a haircut/dye in Silver Lake. Traveling in Southern California is so weird. Anyway... happily returned home with all of this: 

to this: 

So I'm getting there. I really with I could test Dr. Rey's technology :) with the dress. Hopefully it's the right foundation piece. I'm sure it's fine. 

My hair stylist just said that "beauty is pain and patience" and this week, I'm gonna put that to the test. 


Mission Accomplished

Eye liner and fancy mascara. Plus shadow, blush, foundation...whoops.