It's funny. I always remember to post - right before I forget. I wish one of the days that I forgot to post I had actually just completely forgot. But no. I always remember to post BEFORE I forget. It's really frustrating..but alas.

Yesterday was CRAZY. Mostly why I neglected to post. (I guess)

10 am
I picked up Julie Buck. We went and signed a lease on her new apartment (yeah!) and then we ventured out to test drive a car.

Fast Forward to 1pm...

We are in Newport Beach!!

Awesome - but it is so far away!!

Like scary far - past Disneyland - Past Orange County - past...past...past

Then came the beautiful beach, ocean, breezes, and convertibles. All amazing.

Then it all went downhill!!

Julie's almost new car does not pass inspection so the deal is off...but now it is rush hour and we are far, far, far from home.

2.5 hours later we are back in LA... we forgot to eat lunch, I'm late to get Dan, and Dan and I have tickets to a film screening at 7:15.

Rush to the movie theater and watch Upstream Color by Shane Carruth. So great. Awesome Q and A afterwards, great turkey sandwich at the theater, all is well.

But then we arrive home to a still leaky bed - hence the gigantic pink patch. That was today's trial. Came right off the minute I artfully put it on. I am currently waiting for some leak goo to set so I can try again after we get home from the screening we are going to tonight...2001 in 70mm at LACMA.

So here we are. Pfew.

It's March - let's see if I can make the month without a miss. Shortest month last month - 2 misses. Geesh.

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